The person at the center of Media


MercatorNet is a unique web magazine. It stands for reframing ethical and policy debates in terms of human dignity, not dollars and cents or political calculation. It places the person at the centre of media debates about popular culture, the family, sexuality, bioethics, religion and law. MercatorNet isn't liberal. It isn't conservative. We don't want to be trapped on one or the other side of the culture wars. If you want a label for us, try "dignitarian".


BioEdge is a weekly newsletter about cutting-edge bioethical issues. Based in the Southern Hemisphere but speaking to the world, BioEdge is completely independent. It is designed and maintained by volunteers and financed by supporters and contributors.


New Media Foundation also organises seminars on understanding the media, communication and writing skills and the ethical dimension of issues in the public square.

Our Story

New Media Foundation is an Australian non-profit which has been sponsoring innovative projects on the internet since 2005. New Media Foundation Ltd is an Australian public company (ABN 28 113 716 153) which is also registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (CFN/20061).

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